Taking Stock: David Cameron and the Joy of Tax

AFTER the last couple of weeks, TS anticipated that David Cameron would steer clear of steamier subjects in his address to the Conservative party conference.

Not only were we very wrong indeed, but the prime minister somehow ended up conflating eroticism and tax in what presumably is a terrible endictment on what goes on behind closed doors at Number 10.

He said, to rapturous applause: “There’s an academic called Richard Murphy. He’s the Labour party’s new economics guru – the man behind their plan to print more money. He gave an interview a few weeks ago. It was a very frank interview and he admitted Labour’s plan would cause a ‘sterling crisis’. To be fair to him, though, he did say it would ‘pass very quickly’. Wel, that’s all right, then.

“He wrote a book called The Joy of Tax. I’ve got it and I took it home to show Samantha. It’s got 64 positions and none of them work.”

We at TS wouldn’t open our stand-up set with that, David, but that’s just us.

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