Taking Stock: Safferys Assemble!

IT’S NOT OFTEN the worlds of accountancy and superheroes collide, but TS’s heart was warmed when Top 20 firm Saffery Champness got a hearty thanks at the end of the latest Marvel blockbuster.

TS was excitedly filing out of the cinema having taken in the new Avengers film – a sort of superhero equivalent of The Travelling Wilburys with explosions, for the uninitiated – when a special thanks to Safferys flashed up on the screen, alongside a few other companies and governments.

Safferys has established itself in the film finance world since it acquired its entertainment advisory team from RSM Tenon in 2012.

Other films the firm has worked on include Thor 2; Skyfall; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; The King’s Speech; Captain Philips; Into the Woods; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 1 and 2; Maleficent; Captain America; Guardians of the Galaxy; and Exodus.

While Safferys clearly earned the gratitude of everyone at Avengers Tower, neither The Incredible Hulk (pictured) nor Iron Man could be reached for comment.

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