Taking Stock: Multi-marathon men make a move

RUNNING A MARATHON is a battle between the body and the mind. Running seven marathons concurrently is even more so [About seven times more so: Ed].

And when there are rival multi-marathons across continents going on, well…the pain and pressure become exponential [7×7=49: Ed].

Amazingly, of just a handful of brave, hardy and probably foolish souls, we have two practitioners taking part!

So good luck to Haslers’ Jon O’Shea, who left Loughton last week as he prepares to begin the World Marathon Challenge with 11 other competitors, beginning on the Union Glacier in Antarctica in two days’ time. He finishes off in Sydney seven days later, where the temperature difference between that start and finish is predicted to be 50 degrees Celsius…

Completing the challenge will see Jon run 183 miles, have travelled approximately 24,000 miles around the world all in less than 168 hours.

He is running for St Clare Hospice, Teenager Cancer Trust and the Haslers Foundation. Sponsor him here.

But O’Shea has a number-crunching rival. KPMG partner Gareth Williams is part of a team ContinentalDrift, which is undertaking the 777 Marathon Challenge. Same theme and similar route to the World Marathon Challenge. In other words very, very, tiring. And painful.

Williams seems in philosophical mood, tweeting this earlier:


His team are running for the John Maclean Fundation and Keen London. Click here for donation details.

TS is amazed at their efforts. And particularly of their workmates – who will have to deal with tax deadline day without them…
Good luck to all!

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