Taking Stock: Accountancy – The Movie…a practice extravaganza

TAKING STOCK has had an epiphany. You don’t need the OBR or ‘business sentiment indices’ to tell you how well the UK is performing. If accountancy firms are shelling out on video marketing, then things must be on the up.
And TS has seen two beauties this week. The troops at Alliotts have produced what appears to be a ‘Star Wars Episode 7′-inspired teaser trailer…albeit without any funny-looking light-sabres…or the Millennium Falcon. View it here:

While Alliotts’ vid is to be applauded, you have to take your hat off to the Cassons gang for their trailer, which has the production values of a Ridley Scott movie, and could surely be up for an Oscar in the ‘Short Film’ category. It has ‘real’ tears, special effects [though no lens-flare: Ed], and slow-mo. Unbelievable. And a little dig at the Big Four, for good measure. View it here:

Congrats to both. TS’s only worry is that this might be part of a convoluted film tax-avoidance scheme. Surely not?

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