Taking Stock: Netsuite Twitter-trolls Sage CEO on first day

WE ALL KNOW the internet can be a cruel place, and for the uninitiated, Twitter can feel somewhat like a modern-day Wild West with all its angry epithets and unfocused, ill-informed fury.

But sometimes, the jibes can be a wee bit more intelligent and playful, if somewhat mischievous.

Step forward Netsuite chief executive Zach Nelson (picture) with this Tube-based jape at Sage’s expense.

netsuite FT advert

The accompanying tweet reads: “@NetSuite welcomes @SKellyCEO to @sageuk with a new @FT advert!”.

Quite a welcome for Sage CEO Stephen Kelly on what turned out to be his first day in the job.

He didn’t take it lying down either, retorting with: “.@ZachNelson @NetSuite @FT Please mind the gap between rumours & reality. From ‘idea’ to destination ‘growth’ @SageUK”

Sage Tube map

The gloves are well and truly off.

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