Taking Stock: ICAEW’s audit party blues

TS loves a good birthday bash. And if there was one party it was looking forward to more than most, it was to be ICAEW’s Audit Quality Forum 10th Anniversary Dinner at Guildhall in December.

Unfortunately ‘scheduling issues’ mean that the party has had to be cancelled. Given that as recently as the AQF meeting held in early October the ICAEW was extolling guests to attend the upcoming festivities, one does wonder what ‘scheduling issues’ mean? Venue, guests? ICAEW council members feel free to send your answers in. 

TS understands that speakers can (and often do) cancel at the last minute – though ICAEW has not referred to speakers, only going so far as to mention scheduling – but does the institute not understand that the show must go on!

As a consequence of the scheduling snafu, the 10th anniversary dinner has been kicked into 2015. Which TS assumes will make it an 11th anniversary dinner. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

TS must use that line on our better half when we next forget their anniversary. 

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