Taking Stock: Rickard very Keen on its psuedonym

TS WAS INTRIGUED to note that Southend numbercrunchers Rickard Keen are moving from LLP to ‘limited’ status, somewhat bucking the trend of other firms in recent years.

For belts and braces purposes, TS checked on Companies House that the firm had actually made the move. And it seemed they Essex boys and girls have done so.

The firm got its new structure up and running in July, when it created the registration at Companies House, although TS was tickled to see the firm try and keep it under wraps with the goofily-titled moniker of: ‘RK Intentionally Different Limited’. Nice one guys, very cool.

Thankfully Rickard Keen registered a name change on 1 October, to ‘Rickard Keen Limited’. That’s more like it.

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