Taking Stock: Assassin’s creed – accountancy style

THE PUBLIC perception of an a-typical accountant looks set to get a serious make-over. Ben Affleck style.

For the latex-clad Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice thespian and romantic lead of Good Girl is reputedly signing up for the lead in a film called… you guessed it…The Accountant.

The broad concept of the movie is about a man who juggles the twin perils of UK GAAP by day and the less taxing demands of being a high-class assassin by night.

Penned by Bill Dubuque, the screenwriter for the Robert Downey Jr. vehicle, The Judge, the film has had other A-list film stars touted for the role, such as Mel Gibson and Will Smith. But since Warner Brothers took ownership of the film rights, the studio has put it in front of its in-house star, Affleck, who is reputedly very keen to don his three piece and assassin’s kit for the unlikely role.

TS is reminded of 2012’s intrepid spy-cum-bean counter novel – Paloma Azul – written by certified accountant Richard Gill (FCCA), a spy thriller centred around a firm of accountants that acts as a front for an ultra-secret branch of British Military Intelligence.

TS also wonders, should Affleck turn down the role, which member of the profession would be best suited for the role. 

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