Taking Stock: ICAEW Council takes a wee break

YOU have to be made of stern stuff to plough through the ICAEW Council papers.

Minutes, regulations, byelaws and lots of other menial stuff permeate the publicly-available info provided by the big institute. It’s made all the tougher when you know the more juicy stuff is taking place in the private section of the meet.

But there’s often a gem. And TS has found one for your delectation.

It appears that council meetings are taking an uncomfortably long time [they can drag on: Ed], as the minutes for the June council reveals.

“The council asked that time be allowed for a comfort break during council meetings and that a 10-15-minute break be incorporated into the timetable for future meetings,” the minutes stated.

Is there a joke to be had about an ageing membership and increasingly difficult bladder control? TS wouldn’t dare.

As an addendum, TS would like to note that the after the morning session at today’s council meeting there was a short comfort break. It seemed to go well.

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