CONFIRMED – Accountants are sexy beasts

TS loves facts, especially facts that are unquantifiable and are thus impossible to prove.
For instance, take this gem from, a dating site for married people.

According to the adulterous website, accountants are the most exciting workers to go on dates with. Not because number crunching is a big turn on, but because their ‘boring’ jobs makes them more interesting in the bedroom, apparently.

A spokesperson for the site goes on to suggest that working in the profession leads to a build-up of ‘tension’ that results in book-keepers living out their wild ‘fantasies’ between the sheets. member Sheena from Glasgow said: “I find that more intellectual men want a rest from constantly being ‘on’ and are much more interested having some fun and switching off.”

TS does not have Sheena’s contact details.

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  • Chris

    You missed the chance to make a joke about double entry.

    Work on your procedures to rectify this.

    • richard_crump_inc

      Taking Stock is duly ashamed to have missed such an easy opportunity for such filth

  • the alternative accountant

    …or one about being fully compliant

  • the alternative accountant

    was that the inspiration for 50 Shades of Grey?

  • Ronit

    They know “what comes in” and “what goes out”