Taking Stock: Menzies ‘launches new trajectory’

HAS MENZIES gone stratospheric? Well, the firm’s gone well beyond that, TS can confirm.

Following the path ‘trod’ by Laika and Neil Armstrong, Menzies has gone where no firm has gone before – into space.

While other practices focus on having a sponsor board at the local golf club or cricket ground, Menzies has sent its logo into space (that’ll be difficult to get back: Ed).

A metal plaque, replete with Menzies’ logo, was mounted on the Surrey Satellite Technology’s TechDemoSat-1 spacecraft, launched on Tuesday from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, as part of the Roscosmos Russian Federal Space Agency spacecraft ‘Meteor-M’ mission. Nope, we don’t know what that means either.

But it doesn’t matter! The plaque was in support of the charity Disability Challengers, and funds were donated as part of the process – alongside fellow ‘plaquee’ Crisp Thinking.


And rather than a pic of space (boring), above you can see the plaque itself (exciting). May the market forces be with you!

Main image copyright: © Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency

Inset image copyright: © Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL)

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