Taking Stock: IFRS pocket guide unlikely to end on Carney’s book shelf

BANK OF ENGLAND head Mark Carney has many undoubted interests and hobbies, TS is sure, but a love of global accounting standards is not among them judging by his reaction at being handed a pocket guide to IFRS.

Carney was in attendance at the inaugural Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Memorial Lecture, delivered during the IFRS Foundation Trustees’ meeting in London, alongside the great and good of the profession – and TS.

At the end of the lecture, delivered by ECB president Mario Draghi, pocket guides to IFRS were being dished out to the delight of TS. Carney did not appear to share such enthusiasm. On being handed the somnambulistic read the country’s most influential banker looked at a loss as to what to do with the guide.

That’s Andy Haldane’s secret Santa sorted then.

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