Taking Stock: Nagged to death by Leonard Curtis

THOSE insolvency practitioners are a tricky bunch, you know.

They gossip away, then ply you with so much drink that all you’re left with is a headache in the morning and the unpleasant aftertaste of several double vodka and cokes.

Such was the wonderful Kempton Park racecourse reception held by Leonard Curtis last night, replete with steak, fajitas, oriental food – and the aforementioned tons of booze.

While there was plenty of talk about the structural issues facing the industry, others bemoaned the general lack of really decent work out there. ‘It’s a bit boring, actually,” said one IP.

And with it being a pretty brutal environment, spare a thought for London office head Neil Bennett, who failed to pick a winner last night.

But thanks for the invite, and keep plugging away (on the restructuring work). TS wants to come back next year.

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