Taking Stock: Bloodsport for practitioners

TS has always been under the impression that accountants are a docile bunch. Until today that is.

Today, TS was powerfully disabused of that notion after witnessing Teresa Graham receive a pasting over her review into pre-pack administrations at an event held by the Big Institute (in other words, the ICAEW).

Now TS isn’t the place to go into the detail of the review, that’s a job for proper journalists. TS is the place, however, to note that when questions were opened up the floor, certain elements of Graham’s review received a brutal critique from one insolvency practitioner, whose spleen-venting then received a hearty round of applause from the audience.

Safe to say only one more question came from a Big Institute member before Graham – who gave as good as she got by referencing the “scuzzy nature” of pre-packs – left the stage before a mob of IPs descended upon her.

It was about as close as the profession comes to bloodsport. Didn’t realise IPs were such a savage bunch! 

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