Taking stock: Holding out for a hero

TS has always fancied itself something of a hero, not least because our witty banter keeps so many of our readers sane.

Alas, though, we can’t be everywhere at once, and in our absence we’d like to think the welfare of the public is safeguarded somehow.

It was with great relief, then that TS this week heard tell of an employment tax adviser from KPMG has been put forward for a police commendation following a dramatic Thames rescue this week.

Paul Sopher was enjoying a post work drink with his girlfriend at a river boat bar in Temple on Monday evening when he was alerted to a woman in distress in the Thames. Emergency services had been called but were given the wrong location by frantic callers as the woman struggled to keep her head above water.

Sopher jumped into the Thames and, helped by passers-by, managed to get a life ring to the young woman, who he then helped to swim to shore and bar staff quickly dragged her from the water. The girl was later treated at the scene by paramedics who arrived shortly after.

Having been checked over by emergency crews, Sopher was treated to free drinks by the bar owner at Temple, before being driven home by the police.

Commenting on the event Sopher said: “Despite a police helicopter overhead and river rescue‎ teams en route it became obvious that the young lady was very tired and struggling to stay afloat. I didn’t really have time to think, I just knew she needed help and jumped in.

“The water was quite cold and the current was really strong and at one point I worried that neither of us would get to safety. I have to say a big thanks to the people on the bank and the boat bar for getting the life ring to us so quickly. The emergency services were fantastic.”

Paul said he just wanted to get back to his calculator.

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