Taking Stock: You don’t have to look like Gareth Pearce to work here..

THE ‘investment management’ glasses, the slightly doleful expression – yes they’re key features required if you want to run Smith & Williamson.

Taking Stock was having a Spring clearout: a painful, paper-based process that sees Budget notes and consultation docs lovingly pored over before being slung into the furnace (steam power here at TS Towers). As you can see below, we came across an old pic of former S&W exec chairman Gareth Pearce, and were slightly unnerved about the similarities between him and new co-chief David Cobb.

Suggestions that Gareth has invoked ancient magic to take over David’s body are pure speculation.

David Cobb circa ’14

Gareth Pearce circa 1995


Gareth Pearce circa ’95

David Cobb

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