Taking Stock: Osborne becomes bantsellor of the Exchequer

AS FAR AS TS IS CONCERNED, there’s nothing better than a good quip – why else would we spend our days writing these wee articles? Japes, that’s why. Japes.

And so it was with not a little surprise and concerned delight that we saw George Osborne awkwardly attempt to engage in banter with opposition leader Ed Milliband during his Budget address to the House of Commons. 

In the joke, ostensibly about a grant made to the Magna Carter Trust, he noted Ed had “betrayed his brother” in order to gain the top job at the Labour party in much the same way King John did to his more dashing and courageous brother Richard the Lionheart.

With gags like that, expect him at the Edinburgh festival and the Apollo over the summer, and a theatre near you in the autumn.

Although, we would advise him to go light on the historical references and keep them back for padding. We certainly wouldn’t open our stand-up set with that.

But as of now, TS will be referring to him as the bantsellor of the Exchequer.

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