Taking Stock: Picking up the pieces ahead of the Budget

THE BUDGET doesn’t tend to register high on TS’s excitement spectrum, it has to be said.

No, despite our dedication to accountancy and all its wonders, we’d still take a spot at Reading and Leeds festival moshing to Queens of the Stone Age or the Arctic Monkeys over George Osborne’s mirthless delivery.

That said, it is not without its perks, and this week TS was delighted to find what we presumed to be a present waiting in our mailbox.

As it turned out, it wasn’t, but our disappointment did somewhat evaporate upon realising BDO had sent us a Budget-themed jigsaw (pictured).

While we wouldn’t recommend breaking it out for family games at Christmas, it is – short of reading Accountancy Age‘s handy analysis – a good way of getting your head around the likely comings and goings of this year’s Budget.

(Un)fortunately for you lot, there are no plans to mass-produce it, so your best chance of making sense of our lovely chancellor’s ramblings is here.

Thanks again BDO. But remember, the best marketing ploys always involve orange chocolate.

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