Taking Stock: Partridge-esque Valentine’s message from taxman

THE VARIOUS myopic adventures of Alan Partridge have long been a firm favourite of all at TS Towers.

So much so, Steve Coogan’s legendary broadcaster’s fixation with the mundane has led to a huge number of spin-offs, including one of TS’s favourite Twitter accounts, @AccidentalP, which chronicles the most Partridge-esque musings of public life’s good, bad and ugly.

TS was delighted to see the taxman throw its hat in the ring with one of Valentine’s Day’s least romantic press releases.

Beautifully entitled Roses are red, violets are blue; if your new love moves in, tell the taxman too, with not a hint of cliché, HMRC is appealing to anyone claiming tax credits who has a partner moving in with them to say those three little words this Valentine’s Day: “Tell the Taxman.”

Tax credits customers need to let HMRC know of any changes in their circumstances – such as a partner moving in – as this can affect the amount of money they receive.

HMRC estimates that around one in ten claimants have not told it about a partner who has moved in with them. Those who don’t keep HMRC up to date about their circumstances risk getting an overpayment, a fine or possibly a criminal prosecution.

HMRC is urging customers to let it know of any changes on 0345 300 3900 as soon as they take place.

If that’s not an aphrodisiac, TS doesn’t know what is. Happy Valentine’s Day, #AccidentalPartridge.

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