Taking Stock: Frosty lunch at the Savoy

TS LIKES NOTHING BETTER than going for a lovely lunch, so when the CIoT invited us to the annual President’s Reception at the rather auspicious Savoy, we didn’t need asking twice.

And while TS did, as expected, have an excellent time and thoroughly enjoyed the food on offer, it seems safe to assume at least one table at the function was a more frosty affair, populated as it was by Public Accounts Committee chair Margaret Hodge, HMRC bods including chief executive Lin Homer and head of business tax Jim Harra, with CIoT president Stephen Coleclough and OTS director John Whiting in the middle.

Of course, TS can only speculate, but it seems safe to assume Whiting – who claimed the CIoT’s Council Award on the day – will have played the role of referee.

Thankfully, TS was party to no such tribulations and was able to enjoy the lamb in peace, just as it should be.

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