Taking Stock: It’s the season for (practice) biographies

IN THE BUILD-UP to Christmas, book publishers up and down the land are releasing biographies and autobiographies.

From the world of football, many a revelation and salacious titbit lie in the pages of the latest offerings from Sir Alex Ferguson, Sven-Göran Eriksson and Harry Redknapp.

Similarly, professional misanthrope Morrisey will surely have his surly wisdom gifted to thousands this Yuletide.

But before you head over to one of our favourite tax-avoiders’ website and place an order for any of the above, consider Price Bailey’s offering.

TS’s Accountancy Age colleagues went over to Price Bailey’s City office to
conduct a Best Practice interview with executive chairman Peter Gillman this week, and left with the rather novel gift of the firm’s biography.

TS admires Price Bailey’s ambition in taking on Morrisey, Ferguson & Co, and it’s safe it say it is a rather more literate, glossy affair perhaps more sizeable and laden with insight than any of the aforementioned books. It even touches on what it describes as an “unsavoury” incident when one of its office heads was discovered having stolen from clients and the firm…heavy stuff that compares with the headiest of Sven’s confessions.

It is, however, perhaps more niche than its footballing and musical rivals, so TS suggests careful consideration before giving it to a loved one. If they’re into: “In 1970 I was in the first batch EVER of our staff to have a firm’s car…” then treat them to this tome.

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