Taking Stock: ICAEW proves VERY selective in FD hunt

TS WANTS TO congratulate former Aunty Beeb numbercruncher Liz Rylatt (pictured) on her new role as FD at the ICAEW.

While TS was initially interested in the slightly convoluted board structure around her appointment (can’t be bothered to explain, read the story), something else cropped up that seemed much more fun.

On perusal of the ICAEW’s FD job ad, posted through recruiters Odgers Berndtson in July, alongside the usual guff was a line stating that “candidates must be qualified as an ICAEW chartered accountant”.

Now TS is no employment lawyer – and the ICAEW has 140,000 members to choose from – but this struck us as a bit strange.

Sure, job ads calling for a CCAB-qualified accountant are reasonably understandable. Casting no aspersions on Rylatt’s ability, but couldn’t a CMA or ACCA do just as good a job?

TS saw no irony in the last line of the job ad: “ICAEW is committed to diversity and inclusion and being an equal opportunities employer.”

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