Taking Stock: 007 will return…just not in an online accounting video

TS loves a day out of the office, so was naturally delighted at being able to wangle a two day jolly in the beautiful climes of Utrecht in order to attend the National Accountancy Day, held by online accountancy software provider Twinfield.

The day was full of good speakers and useful content on the future of the profession – chiefly how the way firms and clients communicate and collaborate is changing the way we do business.

But when TS sees a spade, it calls it a spade. Or in this case an absolute howler of a video.

Fair play to Twinfield for trying to jazz up the arguably dry subject of online accounting, but the end product – a video that attempted to combine the future of the profession with the suspense and pounding soundtrack of a Jason Bourne film – ends up looking like the love child of Borgen and a Jerry Bruckheimer production.

I hope Twinfield’s tongue was firmly in cheek when it made this. 

Recommended viewing indeed.

For a more practical (and serious) guide to the future of online accounting it is worth checking out the video of Nancy McKinstry, CEO of Wolters Kluwer.

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