Taking Stock: KPMG – ‘don’t worry about us save yourselves’

TS WAS LEFT concerned following the recent warning by Big Four firm KPMG that cyber attackers would be the next big shock to UK banks. What with the recent cash point debacle and IT failures at RBS earlier this year the TS desk was left wondering what would happen next?

Would the UK go back to the dark ages of carrying around cheque books or worse… cash? Would we have to do our banking in person rather than sat at the desk pretending to do work? Would we have to gulp… read our monthly statements to find out what our balance is?

It seemed that even our worst fears would be superceded, when KPMG’s UK and US websites came to a halt for a whopping two days, starting on the day of their warning!

Despite KPMG investigating the matter and claiming it has no answer yet as to why the site crashed, TS can only assume it was cyber-criminals fighting back against the firm’s campaign to warn everyone of their impending attack.

Thankfully Twitter was at the ready and the firm was able to keep in touch with the outside world, although the TS desk is still at the ready with clubs and other medieval gear to fight off what we hear are trolls roaming around.

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