The Practitioner: Summer working

WELL, if this hot weather doesn’t go away soon I’m going to have to invest in some new flip-flops, some more tailored shorts, and some ‘bus driver’ shirts (as my late Dad used to call them).

‘You can’t go into the office dressed like that’, he used to say, ‘you look like a bus drivers picnic table!’

I think I knew what he meant.

For us serious non-expressive male accountants, wearing a shortsleeve shirt is/was deemed as letting our hair down. It was worth a good five or ten minutes in the office kitchen comparing pattern, and sleeve length.

In the office this year, we have really tried to make the most of the weather, and tried to engage clients also. Summer is traditionally a quiet time so we have come up with a few ways to keep clients coming in;

1. Flip-flop Friday
2. Picnic meetings
3. Cycle to the office days

Flip-Flop Friday has been a great success over the past month. It’s simple really. For every client who comes in to the office on a Friday wearing flip-flops we donate £10 to a local Children’s Hospice.

We have had a few issues with certain clients however; there are some toes that should never be seen in public again….

One client, Mr. Les Miserable, on receiving the FFF email replied back saying he hoped his bill wouldn’t be increased to take account of the donation. I won’t tell you what he thought of the picnic meeting idea, but rest assured his bill will indeed be increased. Not to take account of all the donations we have paid out, but increased just enough to make him consider changing advisor.

The picnic meetings idea has also been fun, if not as widely taken up as Flip-Flop Friday. The idea is also simple, clients who come in for a meeting between midday and 1.30pm any day, have the pleasure of having the meeting at the local park whilst enjoying a nice picnic hamper.

A local caterer and client lay on the picnic hamper, so it’s great advertising for them too. We have had a few picnic meetings turn into all afternoon-ers, with plenty of vino being drunk. The clients love it. Who wouldn’t enjoy a free lunch in the sun?

Now what’s that old saying; there’s no such thing as a free lunch?…………….

Watch out for your next bill Mr. Miserable.

The Practitioner’s uncensored thoughts come from within their own practice – having left a regional firm in the heart of England

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