The AA Top 50 minus one

A COLLECTIVE sigh of relief has resonated across the TS desk following the publication of the Top 50 +50 table.

Combing the numbers meticulously to ensure all calculations across the 100 firms are correct and up-to-date has driven the normally lovely Age hacks to near breakdown. But, it is now done, the screaming and wailing have finally come to an end. We are at last allowed to laugh merrily in their presence without incurring the wrath of a small hurricane.

However, a contentious point that seems to make the veins in their heads pulse vigorously and eyes twitch, is “Top Nine” firm Baker Tilly.

It seems The Age has precisely the same figures for Baker Tilly as it had last year. The story goes that Baker Tilly, along with the other firms, submitted their information to be included in the table. However, it submitted last year’s numbers. The official line from the firm was that it “was unable to provide up-to-date figures”.

As TS writes this story we urge you, DO NOT ask the hacks about Baker Tilly and the Top 50 +50 Survey, you may awaken the beast and no shield will be strong enough to protect you.

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