‘Beep Beep’ Bezant impresses with LinkedIn CV

IN QUIETER MOMENTS for TS – which is basically most of the time – we trawl through Twitter bios and LinkedIn CVs looking for anyone vaguely of interest. During this process, TS gets to see some strange things, as we’re sure you can understand.

Sometimes we see things that make us laugh. Even more amazingly, one of these moments recently involved an accountant.

So stand up David Bezant, an ACCA-qualified accountant at Buckler Spencer. You see, David’s LinkedIn CV made TS literally stand up and applaud him.

Previous to his current role at the firm, David spent three years as a checkout assistant at Tesco and spent a season as an emergency gateman at Manchester United.

And while his Buckler Spencer CV description includes such nuggets as ‘Completing annual accounts for limited companies and filing returns to relevant authorities’, he describes his Tesco role as simply ‘Beep Beep Beep and a bit more Beep Beep’.

TS thinks there’s plenty of room for a bit more humour in LinkedIn, so well done David.

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