Taking Stock: Accountancy and the sheriff of Cumbria

TS IS A BIG FAN of Robin Hood. When we aren’t keeping tabs on the many comings and goings of the accountancy world, there’s nothing TS loves to do more than kick back with a cold beer and a bag of popcorn and watch Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman take on Alan Rickman’s sheriff of Nottingham.

That’s about where the Venn Diagram between the world of Robin Hood and accountancy ended, but it turns out we were wrong. Very wrong indeed.

When conducting an interview for Accountancy Age‘s Best Practice column, Graham Lamont (pictured), chief executive of British Accountancy Awards‘ Regional Firm of the Year 2012 Lamont Pridmore revealed he was high sheriff of Cumbria in 2008/09. In that garb, he couldn’t really be anything else, hmm?

Not only that, TS is pleased to report Lamont has acted rather more benevolently than the sheriff of Nottingham of legend, proving instrumental in the establishment of the £6.5m Theatre by the Lake in Keswick and introducing a charitable fund for young people in west Cumbria, donating to various youth organisations.

“You don’t know you’re being considered, and then out of the blue I was approached to become high sheriff for a year,” Lamont told Accountancy Age.

“They have a high sheriff fund, which helps charitable work – and because my son and I were both born in west Cumbria – we felt that to give something back we’d set up this charitable fund to help young people west Cumbria.”

Hood’s take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor services aren’t needed for the children of Cumbria, it seems.

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