Taking Stock: Life in the slow lane

OVER HERE at Taking Stock we don’t like to perpetuate unfair myths about accountants, particularly the old adage that they are a ponderous bunch more akin to the tortoise than the hare.

However, in the case of Reeves partners Paul Roe, Fiona Hotston Moore, Shirley Smith and Allan Pinner, TS has to throw up its hands and say ‘typical!’

The quartet recently took part as one of 12 cars in the Manor Royal Monaco Challenge 2013 with the aim of proving that the car is quicker than public transport between Crawley and Monaco.

Starting at the ungodly hour of 4.30am, the journey did not get off to an inauspicious beginning with the car keys somehow getting locked in the boot. Once on the road, the team made such…steady progress that they arrived last, three hours behind the fastest drivers and 45 minutes after those on public transport.

In their defence TS should point out that they were allegedly the only team to drive down within the speed limit.

The twelve teams competing managed to raise over £15,000 for local charities. So although they may have succeeded in reinforcing some accounting stereotypes, it was all for a very good cause.

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