ICAEW fails to lay its cards on the table

IT’S SOMETIMES SAID that the littlest things that can infuriate ICAEW members about their institute. Well this time, it seems that not receiving their annual membership cards is leaving a gaping hole in their wallets, as such.

The cards were due to hit members’ doormats at the start of the year, but the ICAEW rejected the initial proofs “due to quality issues, which took time to be resolved and therefore were sent out later”.

Arch institute agitator Ken Frost, among others, have voiced their displeasure at proceedings on the ICAEW LinkedIn group. In turn, the discussion has morphed into one giving the ICAEW a bit of a kicking around their ‘communication and social media strategy’.

In fairness, council member Malcolm Bacchus has used the discussion thread to try and answer some the questions raised.

Still, interesting for TS to see a moan about little white pieces of plastic transform into another institute rant.

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