Taking Stock: It’s not just Tolley’s Tax Guide that grows

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED that Tolley’s tax guide (2012/13) is now a whopping 16,220 pages long, having doubled in size between 1997 and 2011.

This pagination extravaganza is usually held up to best illustrate the growing complexity and burden of the UK tax system.

TS, however, believes that it has found a much better bellwether of tax intricacy.

The dinky tax data guides sent out by firms all-and-sundry to us at TS Towers seem to have lost their…dinkyness. Moore Stephens has taken an ‘out there approach’, compared to other firms in previous years.

As you can see from the picture, BDO’s tax data guide for 2013/14 has grown a massive 47%.

Tax data guides

That, my friends, means 47% more tax complexity and red tape.

For BDO it means having a bigger brochure, but crucially not having to pay for staples.

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