Taking Stock: Hammer time information

TS CAN’T HELP but feel a little bit sorry for small businesses, as we watch them grudgingly attempt to cope with new changes to the payroll system.

PAYE information has to be reported to HMRC in real time from April 2013, and you might call us pessimistic, but TS don’t see it going super-smoothly.

You see, TS was couldn’t decide whether it was astonished or unsurprised to hear a third of employers are still unaware of the upcoming changes.

Thank God then, that Intuit took time to let everyone know – through the medium of rap.

It might not be MC Hammer (pictured) or in any danger of knocking Harlem Shake off the top of the charts, but with lyrics including “basically it’s the biggest change in legislation since 1944”, how could businesses fail to cotton on?

TS will be sure to sleep easy tonight, knowing there’s an easy way for small businesses to stay on the sunny side of the payroll system.

If you’re still worried, fear not. HMRC provides a complete checklist of the steps here.

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