Taking Stock: Good job there’s not a loud music tax

TS LOVES A GOOD RAVE. We’re quite keen on dubstep, too. Taxes on the other hand are…taxing.

So what could be better than putting the lot together? Nothing, of course. Nothing.

That’s why we at TS were so pleased to see one accountant from north London-based firm Berg Kaprow Lewis take the lead in doing just that; posting a video on YouTube demonstrating the stimulating effects of Skrillex’s (pictured) wobble bass on anyone filling in a tax return.

In fact, it seems a huge number of people agree given the 32,400 hits it boasts at the time of writing, not to mention the 10:1 ratio of ‘likes’ to ‘dislikes’ it has received.

In fact, TS wonders whether drum ‘n’ bass might improve the audit process, or indeed what The Prodigy might do for bookkeeping.

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