PwC sauces up children’s story

TS WAS LEFT QUITE FLUSTERED after attending this year’s PwC pantomime.

With JM Barrie’s masterpiece liberally peppered with jokes about flaps, poop decks, arousal and butch sailor boys, it was an astonishing conflation of a wonderful fairy tale and the kind of content EL James would be proud of.

Not only that, but TS was pleasantly surprised with the talent on show, with impressive renditions of the music of One Direction, Adele, Taio Cruz, Michael Jackson and Carly Rae Jepsen, while Korean YouTube phenomenon Gangnam Style got an airing too.

Despite having to mop its brow more than once after all the blushing, TS is a pleased to report it laughed so much it never wants to grow up.

Some might say, TS was caught hook, line and sinker this year.


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