Taking Stock: Greentree gets charitable in biz software giveaway

TAKING STOCK always likes to see good deeds, and as such we at TS Towers were very pleased to see that charitable organisation Concern Universal won a £150,000 prize run by accountancy software provider Greentree International.

Businesses made their case to judges, who selected ten finalists from the entries, and the winner, Concern, was decided 50-50 by the judges and a public vote.

Concern is an international development organisation and aims to make poverty history from the grassroots.

Greentree’s financial management software will allow Concern to manage project data effectively and allow the UK headquarters to have real-time visibility of projects worldwide.

The main concern for Concern, though, is getting the system up and running for a decentralised organisation spread across several nations.

“Finding a configuration that will meet with every country’s needs is going to be a challenge, but one which we are embracing fully,” systems and services co-ordinator Vivienne Mair told TS.

TS hopes the software will mean Concern no longer has to be concerned about its finances.

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