Taking Stock: Licence to … audit your tax returns

ACCOUNTANTS are not usually credited with harbouring a latent creative flair, unless in reference to tax-planning schemes.

So Taking Stock was happily surprised when certified accountant Richard Gill (FCCA) got in touch about his new novel Paloma Azul. TS was even more surprised to learn that the plot – a spy thriller packed with drugs, sex and violence – centred around a firm of accountants that acts as a front for an ultra-secret branch of British Military Intelligence.

Apparently, the would-be agents have to train as accountants to maintain a water-tight cover as well as being capable of dispatching some of the world’s master villains. According to the author, undercover spy/accountant Thomas Bell “digs deep and racks up the bodycount” in a bid to stop a thermo-nuclear explosion.

TS must admit that it hasn’t read the 77p Amazon Kindle download, so can’t speak for its quality. But is safe to assume the intrepid spy-cum-bean counter will return. A sequel is out before Christmas.

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