Will.i.am asks KPMG: ‘Where is the love?’

TS HAS SEEN many things over the years, but one thing we never thought we’d see is a pop star talking about the future of the media industry with a Big Four firm.

But, TS was delighted – and a little bemused – when that became a reality this week, with the emergence of a video showing Black Eyed Peas rapper and The Voice UK judge Will.i.am (pictured) doing just that.

That’s right – the same man who brought us classics such as I Gotta Feeling, Shut Up, My Humps, Let’s Get It Started and Pump It also said things like:

“Transparency in data is king, but transparency in data coupled with content is an even bigger king”, and;

“Unfortunately for broadcasters – as robust as they are – their business is television, monetising it with ad spaces, and that’s it. It’s not true innovation. If it was true innovation, they would have created YouTube, Facebook and Twitter themselves”

He then treated the good folk of KPMG’s media department to an impromptu refrain of “things that come from the left are so robust that what you’re offering just ain’t enough”. It’s safe to say TS has never seen free-styling quite like it.

TS can’t wait for Jay Z’s views on the Competition Commission.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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