Accounting for box office success can be tricky

TS IS NOT ABOVE throwing it out there that Bruce Willis (pictured) is one of our all-time favourite action heroes.

However, his latest explosive exploit into time-travelling capers has left the US analysts licking their wounds.

According to box office analysts, this was the first film to take more in its debut in China than in the US. Analysts and newspapers around the world suggested its US-Chinese co-production and several scenes based in the far-east helped boost the films Chinese audience appeal to take $23m-$25m (£14m-£16m) in the opening weekend.

Unfortunately, it turns out that officials who reported the Chinese box-office mixed up the yuan and dollars. In fact, the film may only have taken $5m-$7m, according to The Guardian which reported the mistake and the correction.

Maybe the accounting should be left to the professionals and Willis should be left to blowing things up.

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