MPs grill Newman over Accountancy Age Awards

TS WAS DELIGHTED to cross paths with former BDO head honcho Jeremy Newman during the British Accountancy Awards judging yesterday.

He was in very good spirits, looking forward to taking on the Audit Commission chairman role – provided the Communities and Local Government Committee gives him the nod, of course.

Jeremy faced the committee last week, and the questioning was pretty much as expected – bar one notable exception, when cheeky Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk came out with this:

“Congratulations, Mr Newman. I understand that in 2006 you were awarded personality of the year by Accountancy Age. How tough was the competition? [Laughter.]”

Ever the professional, Jeremy responded: “You’ll have to ask the judges of the Accountancy Age Awards, I’m afraid.”

“What attributes do you think ensured that you won?” responded Simon.

Jeremy: “It is difficult to judge. I suspect – and perhaps this comes to the heart of your question – it is because, in a profession that is perceived to be relatively grey, I was prepared to talk on the record to the accountancy press or otherwise, and to make a little bit of noise if necessary in terms of the promotion and development of the business that I was then running.

“I guess it will have been partly that, but you would have to ask the judges that question and not me, I’m afraid.”

Grey? GREY? TS has no idea what Jeremy is talking about.

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