Soldiering on in new accounting career

MOVING FROM THE INTENSITY of a career in the military to the comparatively sedate profession of accounting does not seem like the most obvious change of career.

But that was the case of Stephen Gillespie and the work of charity Soldier On which has caught Taking Stock’s eye.

Gillespie, who was posted to Sangin district in Helmand, Afghanistan, is looking to secure a placement with a firm of accountants while he is enrolled on an accountancy apprenticeship (AAT). Taking Stock is calling on its readers to provide a helping hand.

One month into his posting, during one of the daily attacks on their position, Stephen was seriously injured in an explosion which resulted in his losing one eye and sustaining extensive tissue damage to his right hand, wrist and forearm.

With the help of Soldier On, Stephen is trying to build a new career in accounting.

Since leaving active service, Stephen has completed management and accounting courses and worked in accounting roles. But Stephen’s courage and determination alone is not enough.

He also needs the help of the profession. He is starting his apprenticeship in September but it is subject to finding a placement with a firm.

Based in Manchester, Stephen is available for interviews now. If you would like to meet him, or find out more about him, please contact Nicholas Harrison, MD of Soldier On! on 07884 365 054 –

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