Three days on the Wall

TS IS ALWAYS on the lookout for a good old management jolly, so it was pleasantly surprised when it heard of the latest wheeze devised by Alliotts.

The Guildford- and London-based chartered accountants appear to have come up with a very unusual management course based on strategies evolved by Maasai tribes in Africa.

The strategies centre on respect (which has to be earned), empowerment, focus and clarity. Nothing too crazy there, TS hears you ask (I can’t hear anyone asking – ed). Yet it seems that adopting the strategies of the Maasai Mara involves heading out for a three-day stomp across the Great Wall of China.

The aim: to establish over three days on the Wall a new clarity about business and personal plans.

Sounds to TS like a nice trip out for management. But hey, if it works – good on them. We expect tickets to be in the post.

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