Firm’s best Buddha branding

YOU MIGHT HAVE noticed that there isn’t much funny stuff in accountancy.

So anything, no matter how small, that takes TS off the motorway of ‘dull’ into a service station of ‘fun’ (i.e those without Little Chefs) is greatly appreciated.

In turn, TS was well and truly tickled to find that @bigfatbuddha1, who had sent Accountancy Age a note on Twitter, was in fact the real branding for a firm of accountants.

To be precise, is the web branding for a division of Antony J Holdsworth & Co, a ‘specialist firm of tax advisors with particular expertise in IR35 and contractor umbrella companies’.

A much better effort than PwC proposed consulting arm’s ‘Monday’, or the Post Office’s horrendous ‘Consignia’.

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