Communicator says no

THE 100 GROUP of Finance Directors, likes to keep a low media profile; preferring to influence government policy through behind-the-scenes lobbying.

Not our cup of tea, but TS can see the logic. However, as a representative of ahem 100 finance directors, TS has been in touch with the Group on several occassions, only to be stonewalled by KPMG, its marketing contact, with “no comments” all round.

Kind of defeats the idea of a marketing contact.

Oh well, the TS desk will continue its plight that one day the marketing contact for The 100 Group will answer a question.

We do hope that KPMG is not charging for its services. If they are, the TS desk would like to throw its hat in the ring to work as marketing contact… “no comment”. You see, we’re already fully capable!

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