Grant Thornton has (Morning)Stars in their Eyes

THERE’S ALWAYS an interesting snippet or two from the Morningstar Professional Services Guide.

And Q1 2012 proved no exception.

Grant Thornton has closed the gap on Ernst & Young to just three clients in the battle of fourth spot for the total number of stock market clients. E&Y stand at 264, from 272. GT saw a net gain of two, to 261.

In fairness to the Big Four firm (which is actually big and hairy enough to look after itself), the market cap of its clients is a whopping £394bn.

GT’s? A mere £19bn. Still, a leapfrog next month would no doubt give the firm’s marketing an excuse to crack open some champers.

TS also noted the entrance of Haribhakti & Co onto the market cap chart for AIM clients. They certainly haven’t many AIM clients, as they’re not in the top 20 by client number (with the 20th having nine clients).

But their client(s) is substantial, packing a whopping £246m by market cap. From what TS can work out, it’s BDO’s Indian firm – will come back when it’s confirmed.

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