Has the Power List provoked you?

AND SO it has come to pass. Accountancy Age has managed to put together another Power List – our humble attempt at making sense of who will be the profession’s most important people during the year.

We try to include as many entrants from the left-field as possible – those beavering away but perhaps not so well known to the masses – plus those well-known but lined up for particular fame (not necessarily glory) in the upcoming 12 months.

Of course George Osborne, Michel Barnier and Hans Hoogervorst were no-brainers for the top ten really. But, we also have London Olympics’ FD Neil Wood, Ed Davey MP overseeing reform to insolvency, plus Gareth Davies running the audit Commission mutual. At nine is the humble but important Howard Gross, who is chairing the ICAEW practice committee.

So the top ten is indicative of what we try to achieve with the full list.

Other notable entrants? The replacement for John Griffith-Jones at KPMG will be fascinating, what with – to the firm’s credit – an array of big-hitters at board level.

Fully declaring my love of Arsenal Football Club, Accountancy Age makes no excuse for Spurs boss Harry Redknapp’s inclusion at number 31. Will the taxman nail a well-loved and high-profile sporting celeb? Its record isn’t one to shout from the rooftops. With Rangers FC currently battling a giant tax case through the tribunal system, it’s another huge story.

So were we spot on or disastrously wrong in 2011’s list?

We plumped for John Whiting at number one. His report recommending a merger of NI and income tax justified his position. But Barnier’s broadside at the audit market was such big news in 2011 that it’s certainly debatable that he could have knocked Whiting off his perch.

We placed UK Uncut at number 15 in 2011, and the pressure group certainly didn’t let up after its launch in 2010 – interrupting HMRC boss Dave Hartnett during a CIoT event over Vodafone and Goldman Sachs settlements was one of a number of key moments. Alan Johnson MP, at 23 barely got into 2011 as shadow chancellor before stepping down for personal reasons.

At 33 Vince Cable MP, might have argued his push for less reporting for SMEs, saw him overreach his position on the table.

Anyway, it’s all subjective and I’m sure there are plenty of nodding heads/vehement disagreement about our choices. Let us know what you think.

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