Haslers partner’s Olympian effort

TS WAS DELIGHTED to have wangled a free pass to the UK200 Group’s Annual Conference (mini-bar not included) last week.

Many a discussion was had about the direction of the profession, and what firms were doing to make themselves even more wonderful.

A particular highlight was Roger Black’s presentation during din-dins.

The world championship gold medal winner – who also happened to pick up a couple of Olympic silver medals for good measure – regaled a wide-eyed audience with anecdotes and advice relating to his efforts.

Few were as wide-eyed as Haslers partner Lawrence Shafier – himself a pretty mean athlete. Shafier (pictured), whose Iron Man and Marathon-running feats are also very impressive, was first in the queue to, erm, grab the Olympian’s baubles, as such.

Presented with one of Black’s silver medals, Shafier threw his camera at TS and told him to snap away.

It may be the closest Shafier will get to winning an Olympic medal, but then again Black et al will never know the satisfaction of shooting down an HMRC tax client enquiry.

As an aside, TS also congratulates the UK200 Group’s members for raising more than £30,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society – great work gang.

For more information visit the Alzheimer’s Society.

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