No fashion please I’m an accountant

THIS WEEK Puma unveiled its first ever environmental profit and loss account after much fanfare about its plans earlier this year.

However, the footwear donned by Puma’s chief exec Jochen Zeitz, and Trucost CEO Richard Mattison overshadowed the conference somewhat.

Of the three panelists unveiling the P&L PwC partner Alan McGill was the only one not to sport the latest trainers sold in reusable bags rather than the environmentally unfriendly boxes. Instead he was caught flashing his Italian leather shoes.

Amid the sniggers in the room when Zeitz pointed out the lack of unity in their footwear, McGill quipped “well I am the accountant after all”.

TS was nabbed by a PwC spokeswoman claiming McGill was not reinforcing the boring accountant stereotype, it’s just that such a big international firm cannot be seen to favour one brand over another.

Hmm so there could be method to the dullness afterall.

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