HMRC reports 100% external recruitment

THE FUNNY things children say have been the basis of ITV’s Saturday schedules for the best part of two decades. But while the naivety of their questions is cherished because of their innocence, TS can only speculate that it wouldn’t be so cute if the children were questioning your record in your job and potentially undermining you in a very public forum.

With this is mind, HMRC director of personal tax Stephen Banyard could perhaps be forgiven for answering a silly question from MP Stephen Barclay with quite a sarcastic response.

In an attempt to scrutinise the amount of private sector experience that HMRC has brought in, Barclay asked Banyard: “How many people have you hired externally?”

Banyard, answering as only a civil servant can, responded: “All of our staff have been recruited externally at some point.”

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