HMRC ‘X’ over false PAYE names

TS HAS ALWAYS assumed that we pay our taxes here at TS Towers.

Our staffers’ names for PAYE purposes include ‘TS’, ‘TS minion 1′, ‘TS floorscrubber’ and even ‘TS Hack’. Not forgetting ‘TS minion 2′ of course.

However HMRC’s note on the sheer weight of false names appearing in PAYE returns has had us wondering whether our ‘alternative’ way at presenting our weary workers to the taxman may inadvertently put us on the list as well.

Apparently 507 PAYE returns included an ‘A N Other’, 572 included a ‘Mr X’ variant, while some included surnames such as ‘Casual’, Cleaners’ and ‘Students’.

“Around 80% of errors in employee data are due to an incorrect name, date of birth or national insurance number – straightforward information that can be collected and checked quite easily,” said Jim Harra, HMRC’s Director of customer operations.

Still, with 20 gazillion PAYE ‘reconciliations’ to make at Tax Towers at the mo, TS won’t lose too much sleep.

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