CIoT prez creates impression at Tate Modern

TS thoroughly enjoyed its trip to the Tate Modern for the CIoT’s President’s Reception.

Unfortunately the nearest TS got to contemporary art was the fluid lines of prez Anthony Thomas’ speech.

In fact it seemed like a post-ironic ‘panto installation’, what with Anthony delivering his speech from a balcony a la Statler & Waldorf (see grainy pic). This was compounded by the crowd’s booing and hissing at his first mention of HMRC.

 Anthony Thomas

On consultations, he said that “decisions have already been made, or these consultations where we are simply asked to tick a box out of a possible three options. I am sure you will agree this is not the way to consult”.

A good evening had by all, leaving TS sporting a modicum of a hangover today. Cheers.

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